<span>Easy Set Up<span>

Easy Set Up

We'll send everything you need. Just plug it in and go.

<span>Loyalty Rewards</span>

Loyalty Rewards

Customize your unique rewards program in minutes.

<span>Customer Messaging</span>

Customer Messaging

Send targeted messages to customers through text messaging.

<span>Excellent Customer Service</span>

Excellent Customer Service

Our expert staff is available to help you every step of the way.

<span>Business Analytics</span>

Business Analytics

Real time data helps you see exactly what's happening at the counter.

<span>Go Mobile</span>

Go Mobile

Customers can opt into your store’s mobile program instantly.

<span>Gather Info from Customers</span>

Gather Info from Customers

Gather customer phone numbers right from the tablet.

<span>Digital Punch Card</span>

Digital Punch Card

There's no need for your customers to carry punch cards, ZappRewardz tracks visits and rewards.



Your ads scroll at the bottom of the screen to highlight your brand and products.


Do away with punch cards and move into the new age of customer loyalty with ZappRewardz.

  • As they rack up visits, ZappRewardz automatically sends the customer loyalty rewards directly to their mobile device.
  • Don’t be limited to iPhone and Android. Any mobile device can earn and receive rewards. Customers do not need an app to track visits and receive rewards.
    • Our expert team will work with you to create a customized campaign that will welcome customers into your loyalty program.

Nobody knows your business better than you do. That’s why ZappRewardz is YOUR customer loyalty program, YOUR way!

  • The tablet application is fully customizable with your logo, colors and graphics.
  • You set up the reward levels and rewards.
  • ZappRewardz is a Turn-Key solution:
    • Our expert team will work with you to create a customized campaign that will welcome customers into your loyalty program.
    • Our team will assist in designing your reward levels and crafting your reward messages.
    • Our team will help you design and customize your tablet application and scrolling advertisements.

Why ZappRewardz is different…

  • Don’t get trapped by multi-brand loyalty programs that allow your competitors to contact the customers you earn!
  • Other tablet loyalty programs take ownership of your customers’ information. With ZappRewardz, customer information is never shared or distributed. Your customers will not be messaged or influenced by another brand.
  • You own your customer data. We will provide you with a complete list of customer information if you choose to discontinue the service.




We'll send everything you need, including the tablet. Just plug it in, customizing your rewards, and go.

<span>Connect with Customers</span>

Connect with Customers

Send offers to customer's phones, e-mail, or Facebook via ZappRewardz in your business dashboard.

<span>Track Loyalty</span>

Track Loyalty

No cards. With just a cell phone, your customers earn points when making a purchase. Your tablet logs everything.

<span>Measure Results</span>

Measure Results

Customized reports, charts and graphs help you see whats happening at the counter.

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